How do I know I have a contemplative vocation?

If you feel a “tug” in your heart, an irresistible desire or inexpressible longing to be alone with God, then God is speaking within you.  He is calling you to enter into a deep relationship with Him.  It is an indescribable feeling that is not easy to speak about for lack of words to explain it.  It is something you feel over and over again and it gets stronger as time passes by.  For the One calling is a “Persistent Caller.”

Here are some experiences of the Nuns in the community, who before they committed themselves to living a contemplative vocation, have asked themselves:  “How do I know I have a contemplative vocation?”

I have come to realize that each vocation story is personal and one on one.  God calls all of us in His own unique way, according to our personality and experiences.

Since I had the opportunity to have Religious for 10 years in grammar and high school, my experience stems from their influence on me.  From them I have learned that one needs to first be called. This vocation is not something we acquire on our own.

My call focused on the desire to become love in the heart of the Church, from the life of Saint Therese, and the voice I heard within that assured me “I will always be with you.  I will never let you down.”

Sister Mary Raphael, O.P.

One morning after Mass I went to buy a newspaper.  On my way home I saw a priest and asked him how to become a nun?  He said, “we don’t have any Sisters anymore so I am going to send you to a group of teaching Sisters and the principal will tell you what to do.”  

The principal said, “what do you want to do?  Do you want to be a teaching sister, or nursing sister, or maybe you want to pray?”  “Yes, I want to pray.”  Then she sent me to the Monastery of the Angels.  That was my vocation story.

Sister Mary Gabriel, O.P.

I could feel there was an empty space in my

I was formerly a member of a Dominican Congregation where the sisters are teaching in schools and helping in the apostolic works of the parish.  During that time I was taking up a course in Medicine with the hope of helping my community someday in the future.

When I came to USA I joined a congregation whose apostolate is working with the poor.  I enjoyed my stay with them as I love doing charitable works, but I began to miss the Dominican way of life especially the celebration of the Divine Office.  I terribly missed praying the Divine Office.  I knew the Dominican Order has Contemplative sisters who live in the cloister, totally searching and loving God whether in prayer or at work.

I learned about the Dominican nuns at the Monastery of the Angels.  I went and spoke to the prioress and the novice mistress.  Eventually, I was accepted.  I am so happy and peaceful living the contemplative life and celebrating the Divine Office.


Sister Mary John, O.P.