Steps of Formation

A candidate wishing to be part of our Dominican contemplative family will undergo different stages of formation.  During this formation, the candidate is under the guidance of the novice mistress and will go through a thorough instruction of the different elements of the contemplative and monastic life.


The candidate aspiring to join our community is allowed to live within the confines of the monastery for about a month and is given opportunity to observe and taste a bit of the contemplative life as lived in our monastery.


IMG_0291-001During the time of postulancy the aspirant gradually comes to experience the goal and means of our contemplative life through suitable catechesis and personal dialogue concerning both the life and union with God and monastic observance.  (LCM 131)

 The Novitiate

IMG_0868-001The novitiate is a time of probation and is ordered that the novice should come to know more intimately her call from God, and also her Dominican vocation; that she experience the way of life of our Order and be formed in mind and heart in the Dominican spirit, and that her motivation and suitability become evident to the nuns.  (LCM 139)


 Temporary Profession

profession angels 7-001








By our profession we dedicate ourselves to God, following Christ and leading the gospel life in the Order, so that our baptismal consecration may achieve its effect more completely.  (LCM 152: I)


 Solemn Profession









By solemn profession a nun is totally consecrated to God in the Order until death.  (LCM 166: I)