Contemplative nuns are obliged to celebrate daily the various hours of the Liturgy of the Hours.   At the “sound of the bell”, which is recognized as “God’s voice” summoning them to fulfill His Will in their  monastic community, the nuns stop their work and gather together to participate in the various community exercises, as a sign that each hour of their monastic life is consecrated to God.

At morning, noon and evening the bell rings for the Angelus.  It is an ancient practice of stopping our work, as the traditional bell is ringing, to recite the prayers of the Angelus – recalling the mystery of the Incarnation.

Daily Schedule

4:50 AM  Daily Rising (Sunday 5:25 AM)
5:25 AM  Divine Office (Sunday 5:55 AM)
6:50 AM  Midmorning Prayer (Sunday 9:00 AM)
7:00 AM  Holy Mass
7:50 AM  Breakfast
*** Work ***
11:25 AM  Midday Prayer
11:45 AM  Dinner
1:00 – 2:00 PM  Period of Silence
(Sunday 1:15 – 2:15 PM)
2:00 PM  Mid-afternoon Prayer
(Sunday 2:25 PM)
2:30 PM  Study Period
4:00 PM  Rosary, Vespers, Meditation
5:30 PM  Supper
6:40 PM  Community Recreation
7:30 PM  Night Prayer and Retire