Monastic Life

Monastic life is an age-old Institution in the Catholic Church beginning after the time of the apostles. Members of this institutionalized movement dedicated themselves to the contemplation of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ by withdrawal from the business affairs of the world.  They lived their religious life by setting up rules that require praising God without hindrance.

The Dominican contemplative nuns seek God by observing the norms   and the element  s of purely    contemplative life as conceived in the mind of Saint Dominic.  These elements are: living with one mind the common life, maintaining withdrawal from the world by enclosure and silence, common celebration of the liturgy especially the Eucharist and the Divine Office, praying intently, studying the truth and searching the Scriptures ardently, working diligently and persistence in regular observance.

These elements contribute not only to the glory of God and our sanctification, but also the salvation of the whole world.