“In the monastery everything is directed to the search for the face of God, everything is reduced to the essential, because the only thing that matters is what leads to him.  Monastic recollection is attention to the presence of God: if it is dissipated by many things, the journey slows down and the final destination disappears from view.” (Verbi Sponsa)


Our holy Father Saint Dominic chose the enclosure for the nuns from the beginning of the Order and it is faithfully observed until now.  An enclosure is an area enclosed by barriers where access is restricted only to community members.  The purpose of which is to prevent distractions from prayer and religious life so that God alone may dwell in utter SILENCE of the cloister and the nuns may dedicate themselves to God alone.  When visiting a nun, a grill or other barrier from the nun who is in the cloister physically separates the visitor.

The Roman Catholic Church approves two types of cloister for contemplative religious.  The Dominican nuns have papal enclosure, that is, the Holy See, as found in the Apostolic Instruction Verbi Sponsa, 1999, sanctions its norms.